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Plant Facility

Aluminum Photo Panels

Hardboard Photo Panels

Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF)

Commitment to Recycling

  1. Recycle all cardboard
  2. Recycle all steel strapping
  3. Recycle all used steel, copper wire and aluminum from our maintenance activities / projects
  4. Recycle all aluminum scrap
  5. Recycle all paper products from the office
  6. Recycle all used oils from maintenance
  7. Recycle all water bottles and aluminum cans that are placed in the proper containers
  8. Dust from the dust collectors are used for “solidification” of liquid waste instead of adding to the municipal dump
  9. Compacted trash will be sorted and recyclables removed

*CARB (California Air Resource Board) was established to limit the emission of formaldehyde from products. It set emission limits from these products and developed a chain-of-custody tracking system to ensure compliance. For ChromaLuxe, this means our harboard products neither contain nor emit formaldehyde and our MDF products has clean content with minimal added formaldehyde. CARB has granted us an exemption from their rule and have issued us an exemption number and no chain-of-custody is necessary when using or reselling our products.

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