ChromaLuxe Achieves Three Times the Print Display Permanence Rating Compared to Silver-Halide Color Papers

Latest generation ChromaLuxe aluminum sublimation photo panels printed with Sawgrass Photo XF and Epson UltraChrome DS inks achieve Wilhelm Imaging Research, Inc. (WIR) Display Permanence Ratings that are more than three times better than current silver-halide photo papers.

LAS VEGAS (SGIA EXPO, BOOTH #3031) – ChromaLuxe today announced a major advancement in photographic printing technology, color brilliance, d-max, print longevity, and surface physical durability with a WIR Display Permanence Rating of 64 years when printed with Sawgrass Sublijet-HD Pro Photo XF inks and 65 years for its ChromaLuxe aluminum sublimation photo panels when printed with Epson UltraChrome DS inks.

Widely recognized as the world’s leading independent print permanence testing laboratory, WIR conducted comprehensive, multi-factor print permanence tests on ChromaLuxe. Although the 8-color Sawgrass and 4-color Epson inks have different dye formulations, and distinctly different individual ink fade patterns, both brands of inks proved to be well matched to the latest ChromaLuxe sublimation coating formulations, and both have achieved almost identical WIR Display Permanence Ratings.

With unprecedented resistance to surface abrasion, high humidity, atmospheric ozone, and contact with water, ChromaLuxe prints, available in sizes up to 4×8 feet, can be safely displayed without the need for framing under glass or acrylic, face-mounting, or surface laminating. When displayed, unframed prints made with the latest generation of ChromaLuxe aluminum photo panels are far more stable and longer lasting than Kodak Endura or other current silver-halide papers, including silver-halide prints framed under UV-absorbing acrylic or glass or when face-mounted to UV-absorbing acrylic.

“From the beginning, ChromaLuxe has committed substantial resources to research and development for our sublimation photo panels with the goal of constantly improving the image quality and permanence, d-max, and printing consistency. We are committed to providing the most advanced photographic sublimation print media for the most demanding photographers,” said Kristina Lowe, Director of Marketing. “Working with leading sublimation ink suppliers and other industry partners, genuine ChromaLuxe prints now offer photographers an unmatched combination of display permanence, physical surface durability, and color brilliance.”

According to Henry Wilhelm, Director of Research at WIR, “Very complex interactions take place between sublimation inks and the ink receptive polymer coatings of dye sublimation prints, both during the short, high-heat image transfer step involved in making the prints and, very gradually over time, during the long-term display and storage of the prints. What a print looks like when it emerges from the heat press tells you nothing at all about how long it will last. You can consider permanence – or the lack thereof – to be the invisible factor in sublimation printing.”

“In terms of how long your prints will last, sublimation on metal photo panels is a new and rapidly advancing technology, and all aluminum photo panels – frequently referred to in the marketplace simply as ‘Metal Prints’ – are by no means the same,” Wilhelm said. “If your lab is using untested products, both you and your customers are flying blind.”

Wilhelm will be at the ChromaLuxe SGIA Booth #3031 Thursday, September 15 to discuss the WIR Display Permanence Ratings for ChromaLuxe prints. He will explain how accelerated permanence tests are conducted and why these permanence ratings apply only to genuine ChromaLuxe prints and are not applicable to other types of sublimation inks or to other brands of aluminum photo panels.

Wilhelm added, “ChromaLuxe, with the leadership of CEO Paul Neumann and with the company’s research and development staff, has significantly improved in permanence over the past several years when printed both with Sawgrass and Epson inks. The enhanced WIR Display Permanence Ratings of the latest generation of ChromaLuxe photo panels are a result of an ongoing collaboration between the ChromaLuxe and WIR teams.”

About Wilhelm Imaging Research, Inc. Wilhelm Imaging Research, Inc. has for over 35 years conducted research on the stability and preservation of traditional and digitally-printed color and black-and-white photographs and motion pictures. An independent testing laboratory, WIR publishes brand-name-specific, comparative permanence data for desktop and large-format inkjet printers and other digital printing devices. The comprehensive multi-factor test methods developed by WIR have become the de facto standard worldwide for evaluating the permanence of color and black-and-white photographs. A major research activity of WIR has been the development of improved accelerated image permanence tests and advanced, full tonal scale, colorimetric analysis methods for the fading and staining that occurs with color and black-and-white photographic images over time. Wilhelm Imaging Research also provides consulting services to museums, archives, and commercial collections on refrigerated and sub-zero freezer storage for the very long-term preservation of still photographs and motion pictures. Visit their website at for more information.

About ChromaLuxe ChromaLuxe is the global manufacturer of premium print media, supplying high quality blank substrates for a variety of applications that require superb image quality and durability. All coatings and substrates are made in the USA with manufacturing and fabrication done in Louisville, KY. With additional locations in Belgium and Australia, ChromaLuxe serves its global customer base and provides products to more than 80 countries.

ChromaLuxe is an extension of Universal Woods, the world’s leading manufacturer of hard surface sublimatable products and mezzanine decking. It is also a sister brand to Unisub, which provides the highest quality custom sublimatable products. To learn more about ChromaLuxe, please visit: Connect with ChromaLuxe on Facebook (, Instagram ( and Twitter (


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