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Interesting Places Where People Have Used ChromaLuxe

What do the ocean in Amorgos, Greece, an open-air exhibition on Postplatz in Zingst, Germany, the Smithsonian American Art Museum in Washington, D.C., and Raiders Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, Nevada all have in common?

These are all places where ChromaLuxe prints have been displayed!

In Amorgos, Greece, free-diver, artist, and photographer Stefanos Kontos exhibited three collections of his submarine photographs taken in the Aegean Sea, entitled Dive into Art on a Single Breath. His underwater gallery marked the world’s first photo exhibit where all of the displays, hardware, ChromaLuxe metal prints, and lighting were assembled by a team of free-divers! ChromaLuxe Metal Prints were specially selected to print and display Kontos’ brilliant dive photography, with the images sublimated into the durable, waterproof ChromaLuxe coated panels.

Chromaluxe Metal Prints Underwater Greece Exhibit
Photo credit: Stefanos Kontos Underwater Photography
Photographer Esther Horvath captured life over three months during the MOSAiC expedition, a scientific research exploration of the central Arctic. In the freezing, constant darkness of the polar Arctic, her uniquely vivid work reflects life aboard the ship, the isolation of the continuous cold and dark, and the wildlife surrounding the expedition. Horvath presented her collection, Polar Night, using ChromaLuxe EXT metal prints in an open-air display on Postplatz in Zingst, Germany. The UV resistance and unmatched quality of the photos presented on ChromaLuxe helped convey Horvath’s technical skills and artistic talent to capture life in extreme conditions.
ChromaLuxe Metal Prints, Zingst
Scientists walk back from Remote Sensing Site to Polarstern during stormy weather. December 4, 2019, Esther Horvath
Artist and geographer Trevor Paglen’s Sites Unseen photographic series was featured at the Smithsonian American Art Museum. Paglen’s work was a curated collection of his early work and more recent photographs of surveillance equipment found underwater, on land, in the sky, and in outer space. Part of this collection was printed on ChromaLuxe, presenting a vivid illustration of scenes from the age of artificial intelligence and modern surveillance, pushing the boundaries of privacy in a modern world.
ChromaLuxe Metal Print Comet Image
Comet (2017) Trevor Paglen Printed on Chromaluxe
Allegiant Stadium, an architectural and engineering marvel, is home to over 430 curated works of art that tell the history of Las Vegas and the Raiders. The stadium is an art museum, entertainment facility, and football stadium, and the art program covers over 67,000 square feet of wall space. For such a large-scale project in a highly trafficked, open-air environment, ChromaLuxe panels were a clear choice to bring the art and stadium to life. One of the standout installations is a mosaic of game day programs, involving 461 panels and standing 35 feet tall. ChromaLuxe metallic panels fit together seamlessly to create a vibrant and stunning display of history and art. (Click here for Press Release)
ChromaLuxe Allegiant Stadium
Allegiant Stadium, ChromaLuxe Metal Prints (Photo Credit: Max Art Productions, Curator/Fabricator/Installer)

When choosing the most versatile, high-end media for art installations, photographers, artists, and professional photo labs trust ChromaLuxe. The premium finish of ChromaLuxe creates clear, vibrant colors with unmatched durability, perfect for long-term installations just about anywhere. Find more places ChromaLuxe prints have been featured at

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