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Which ChromaLuxe Metal Print Color and Finish Should I Choose?

Choosing the right color and finish for your photo is important so that you can show your work the way you intended, and in its best light! Let’s go over the colors and finishes of ChromaLuxe metal prints to help you decide what to select for your photos.  


Base Colors White – a white base works best with images that are color rich, capturing the vibrancy and details of the photo. Clear – a clear base is perfect for images that have white or light colors for a brushed metallic look that will show through the print.   


  ChromaLuxe Glosee White Metal Print Gloss Whitethe white base with a glossy finish creates a brilliantly stunning color display with all the fine details of the image, creating a highly premium look. Choose this finish for colorful portraits, landscapes, fine art, or black and white photos.    

ChromaLuxe Metal Print Gloss Clear Gloss Clear – clear metal showing through the glossy surface creates a sleek, metallic, modern feel. Gloss clear pairs well with water images, cityscapes, black and white photos, and any image where metallic effects are desired.     Semi-gloss White – choose this finish for a colorful impact, but with a less-reflective surface than gloss white. The finish has a sheen to it, but not the shine of gloss white.   Semi-gloss Clear – for a metallic look without the high shine of a glossy finish, a semi-gloss clear finish is a good choice.     Matte White – a matte white finish enhances the colors of a photo without glare.   Matte Clear –this finish is ideal for a more brushed metallic look without glare.   Textured White – the consistent textured surface softens photos and works well with retro images, painting reproductions, landscapes, textured images, and more. Fingerprints and glare won’t show on a textured finish.   Want to see what your photo looks like before you commit to a larger size? Ask your lab to provide samples of ChromaLuxe Metal Prints on the different color and finish combinations.   Whatever you choose, with ChromaLuxe, your image will look just as vivid in 60 years as the day you had it made.         

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