Let your creativity surface with durable, customizable tabletops from ChromaLuxe. Thanks to our high-performance, state-of-the-art coating, your unique design will withstand daily use. 

Coating Option

Our tabletop coating is infused with aluminum oxide nanoparticles, which allows small abrasions to self-heal over time, extending the life of your surface even in a high traffic area and offering the most exceptional scratch resistance available on the market. It is available in our semi-gloss finish. 

Semi-Gloss White

Intense color, crisp detail and reduced glare make our Semi-Gloss finish an exceptional choice. With a gloss level between the Gloss and Matte, Semi-Gloss provides you with the best of both worlds. Perfect for portraits or works of art displayed
where glare is a concern. 

Features of Our Tabletops

Our tabletops are sure to turn heads thanks to their extraordinary quality and notable durability. 

Extraordinary Color

Engineered for fine art, ChromaLuxe allows for images to be infused directly into coated wood sheets, delivering an exceptional depth and range of color. 

Exceptional Durability

Our high-performance substrates and coatings deliver a scratch-resistant, chemical-resistant photographic product that can withstand environmental elements with ease.

Easy to Clean

Easily wipe your ChromaLuxe tabletop clean with a cloth and any non-abrasive cleaning product, making it ideal for restaurants, cafés, and home dining. 

Fade Resistant

Through the dye sublimation process, images are rendered in a virtually ageless medium that will stand up to daily use in both indoor and outdoor environments.

Made in America

ChromaLuxe substrates are sourced and manufactured in the USA. 

Lifetime Guarantee

Invest in ChromaLuxe coatings and substrates with confidence thanks an industry-leading guarantee. 

Display Options

Maximize your moment with tabletops in two shapes and available in two popular sizes, suitable for everything from home dining to office use. 

Circle – 24″/603mm and 30″/749mm

Surprise and delight your guests with stylish round tables showcasing your image, design, message, or artwork. Ideal for patio, café, or bistro seating, our circular tables feature the durable ChromaLuxe coating that makes them so well-suited to use indoors or outdoors. 

Square – 24″/603mm and 30″/749mm

From offices and lobbies to home, square tables from ChromaLuxe are the perfect choice for sharing your vision with your guests. Seize the moment and showcase your art, photography, or unique design in an unexpected way.