When Image Matters

Stay true to your vision with the extraordinary clarity and archival quality only available from ChromaLuxe, the global manufacturing leader of premium dye sublimation media.

This is ChromaLuxe

Optimized for photography and engineered to last a lifetime, the high-performance photo panels manufactured by ChromaLuxe can bring even the smallest details to life by allowing images to be infused directly into sheets of metal, wood, and more.

The Delight Is in the Details

Only our state-of-the-art coating can capture the minute details that elevate your image to the extraordinary.

Archival Quality for Every Application

Whether you’re curating a home gallery or perfecting a commercial environment, ChromaLuxe quality lasts a lifetime.

Personalized Presentation Options

The durability of ChromaLuxe allows you to display prints with wall mounts or traditional frames, no glass required.

Curate Every Environment

Bring your vision to life in every space thanks to our extensive range of sizes and substrates. 

Metal Prints

Achieve high-definition detailing and stunning color integrity with ChromaLuxe’s signature metal prints. Imagine your environment, illuminated by the beauty and clarity of a ChromaLuxe metal print.

Exceptional Detail

Archival Quality

Personalized Presentation

Wood Prints

Craft a timeless, tangible fine art piece with a wood substrate sourced from renewable forestry supplies, which effortlessly blends a traditional sensibility with state-of-the-art sublimation technology. 

Natural Grain

Exceptional Durability

Presentation Ready