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Elevate Art with the Power of ChromaLuxe

ChromaLuxe, the leading producer of blank substrates for sublimation printing, delivers unmatched durability and visual excellence. Our sophisticated coatings and cutting-edge manufacturing ensure your creations are resistant to scratches, fading, and environmental factors – suitable for indoor and outdoor displays. Elevate any environment with a dynamic visual experience.

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Unmatched Versatility

ChromaLuxe excels across settings like healthcare, hospitality, education, and retail. Our products seamlessly enhance wall displays, signage, and artwork with unmatched durability and vibrancy, suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments.

Health and Safety Enhanced

In healthcare, cleanliness is paramount. ChromaLuxe’s bacteria-resistant coatings offer exceptional hygiene, making our prints ideal for hospitals and clinics. Easy to clean and disinfect, they ensure a safer environment for staff and patients alike.

Visual Impact

ChromaLuxe utilizes dye-sublimation printing to surpass traditional methods, delivering extraordinary color vibrancy and depth. This process embeds dyes into the coating for a three-dimensional look and superb clarity. The result is striking, durable artwork perfect for spaces that value aesthetics and longevity.


Why Choose ChromaLuxe?



ChromaLuxe ensures excellence across a diverse range of applications with a suite of finishes and substrate options designed to elevate your projects:

  • HD Photographic Display: Capture every detail with superior fade-resistant coating, perfect for premium spaces.
  • Outdoor/UV Resistant: Keep visuals vibrant, even in harsh conditions. Specialized coatings withstand UV rays while also resistant to chemicals, scratches, and graffiti.
  • Interior Signage/Display: Elevate indoor visuals with our durable, easy-to-clean coating that resists chemicals, scratches, and stains and inhibits bacterial growth—perfect for high-traffic areas.
  • Dry Erase: Revolutionize workspaces with multifunctional surfaces. Dry erase coatings eliminate ghosting, providing a clean, crisp surface.
  • Textured: Add dimension and depth to any piece. Textured finish minimizes glare and reduces the visibility of fingerprints and scratches, perfect for settings where aesthetics and practicality are paramount.


Diverse Substrates for Every Need

ChromaLuxe caters to a wide array of commercial applications with our versatile substrates, each designed to enhance the quality and durability of your projects:

  • Aluminum: Aluminum is perfect for a range of applications from dynamic outdoor signage to gallery-quality displays.
  • Steel: Ideal for magnetic dry-erase boards, steel provides a practical solution for educational and professional settings.
  • Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF): Opt for a white coating that makes colors pop, ensuring your vision is vividly and accurately captured with ChromaLuxe prints.
  • Natural Wood: Choose the traditional appeal of maple veneer to showcase the natural grain, providing a unique and authentic look for your prints.
  • Hardboard (HB): Designed for resilience, HB substrates are perfect for commercial areas where durability meets design needs.
  • Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP): Built for toughness, FRP substrates excel signage and environments facing harsh elements.
ChromaLuxe Substrates


Discover how ChromaLuxe premium print media brings fine art and photography to life with unparalleled clarity and vibrancy. From serene landscapes to dynamic abstracts, vivid colors, rich textures, and superior durability meet the diverse demands of public spaces, empowering interior designers to reimagine environments. Let your imagination soar and explore the possibilities for enhancing your next project with the aesthetic versatility and exceptional quality that only ChromaLuxe offers.

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