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ChromaLuxe coatings add an extra measure of vibrancy and protection to the High-Definition art and photography your clients desire.

The Best Options

ChromaLuxe coatings offer a level of vibrancy and durability to our products that is unmatched by competitors. Our coatings contain no VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), lead or any other heavy metals or phthalates. They are an extremely durable and thin layer cured using a low energy process so there are zero emissions. ChromaLuxe coatings are available in a variety of options and can be applied to a number of substrates.

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    HD Photographic Display - Provides remarkable image reproduction and superior fade resistance.

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    Table Top - Offers superior scratch resistance and the ability for small scratches to self-heal over time.

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    Dry Erase - Specially designed topcoat for marker board applications that prevent marker penetration.

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    Signage and Display - Chemical, scratch, abrasion and stain resistant perfect for a variety of projects.

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    Ultra-durable - Textured finish with a high resistance to scratches, abrasions and moisture making it the most durable in the market.

HD Photographic Display

The High Definition Photographic coating is an upgraded coating package that provides remarkable image reproduction and superior fade resistance. These qualities combined with chemical, scratch, abrasion and stain resistance makes this coating the premier choice for high-end image reproductions for commercial and residential spaces.

Available finishes: High Gloss // Semi-Gloss // Matte

Signage & Display

The signage and display coating is chemical, scratch, abrasion and stain resistant and also has fade properties that make it a perfect choice for a variety of projects.

Available finishes: High Gloss

Table Top

The table top coating offers superior scratch resistance with the addition of aluminum oxide nanoparticles, which allows for small scratches to self-heal over time. These particles extend the life on surfaces that experience high wear, making it the top choice for table tops.

Available finishes: Semi-Gloss

Dry Erase

The dry erase coating is a specially designed topcoat for marker board applications. This coating prevents marker penetration, which typically causes ghosting in other dry erase products.

Available finishes: High Gloss


The ultra-durable coating is the most durable sublimation coating in the market, hence the name. Its textured finish and high resistance to scratch, abrasion and moisture make it a good fit for areas that require imaging and are prone to wear and tear.

Available finishes: Semi-Gloss

We Also Offer The Following

  • Steel

    ChromaLuxe specially-coated steel panels offer incredible vibrancy to artwork, photography, logos and more.

  • Display Options

    ChromaLuxe offers a variety of ways to mount, hang or display any of our photo panels. Choose from frames, easels, shadow mounts and hang systems in an array of different sizes.

  • High-Definition Metal Prints

    Infusing dyes directly into specially coated metal prints result in outstanding image clarity and vibrancy with exceptional detail and resolution.

In Your Eyes

"I began using ChromaLuxe about four years ago and it has become the very heart of my business model. I sell a fine art photography series called "The Art of Abandonment" where I photograph abandoned historic forgotten places across the country. I sell my images exclusively on metal created by ChromaLuxe. I sell and exhibit these images in art galleries, museums, and street art festivals across the country. A big part of being successful in the art community is having a product that is different and unique, and when you combine the images of these abandoned places with the stunning and vibrant display on ChromaLuxe metal, you have a 'One Two Punch' that can't be beat."

Walter Arnold

Photographer Let Us Bring Your Vision To Life

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