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High-Definition Metal Prints

Infusing dyes directly into specially coated metal prints result in outstanding image clarity and vibrancy with exceptional detail and resolution.

Unmatched and Unbelievable.

At ChromaLuxe, we’ve perfected our manufacturing process to create the highest quality photographic product available in the market today. We coat our aluminum plates with a very fine multiple layer polymer finish. Our photo panels contain a specialized, formulated coating that provides the foundation for a visually stunning and durable image.

The first time people see ChromaLuxe High-Definition Metal Prints they are blown away by the quality and depth of the image. Our High-Definition Metal Prints are not only stunning to look at, but the durability of this product is unmatched by competitors.

When it comes to fade resistance, the world’s best known photographers, galleries, and museums trust their work to ChromaLuxe. ChromaLuxe’s archival qualities, image brilliance, and durability set it apart from all other photo print mediums. To learn about ChromaLuxe’s fade qualities and more, please visit our Fade Reports page.

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    Color Brilliance - Images are infused directly into our specialty coated metal sheets, creating unsurpassed color vibrancy and resolution.

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    Scratch Resistant - Unique substrates and coatings provide incredible scratch and abrasion resistance.

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    Fade Resistant - The latest fade testing shows that our prints will last a lifetime with resistance to yellowing and climate damage.

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    Lightweight - All of our products are lightweight and extremely durable, making transportation and display easier than ever before.

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    Flame Resistant - All ChromaLuxe products meet ASTM standards for flame spread and smoke development.

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    Easy to clean - Our metal prints can be wiped clean with a cloth and any all-purpose cleaner, allowing your image to shine hassle free.

Interior Photo Panels - Rectangles & Squares

ChromaLuxe High-Definition metal prints are available in a range of traditional photo sizes as well as for large scale commercial or non-traditional usage, such as in museum or gallery settings.

ChromaLuxe photo panels come in a variety of finishes:

Finish Choices: Semi-Gloss White // Gloss White // Matte White // Semi-Gloss Clear // Gloss Clear // Matte Clear // Textured

Icons for photo panel products in square and rectangle format ranging from small, medium, and large

Exterior Photo Panels - Rectangles & Squares

ChromaLuxe EXT gives users the ability to take prints outdoors, or into direct sunlight with the image quality and durability they’ve come to expect from other ChromaLuxe products. These UV resistant panels come in a variety of common sizes to serve the signage, display and outdoor photography markets.

ChromaLuxe EXT photo panels come in two finishes:

Finish Choices: Gloss White // Gloss Clear

Icons for photo panel products in square and rectangle format ranging from small, medium, and large

Photo Panels - Circles

ChromaLuxe High-Definition metal photo panels have been described as “Amazing depth,” and “Exceptional clarity”. Now they are available in circles!

Circles are available in three different sizes of Gloss White. Stack them together to create even more dimensionality!

Finish Choices: Gloss White

Icons for photo panel products in circle format ranging from small, medium, and large

Creative Borders

Non-traditional photo panel shapes are offered in the form of Circles and Creative Borders, which are available in ten different shapes and offered in three sizes.

Pair them with an easel or mounting block to display on any desk, bookcase, mantle or wall.

Finish Choices: Gloss White

Icons for creative borders products in Benelux, Pamplona, Sydney, Fiji, Crete, Prague, Belfast, Berlin, Milan format


The ChromaLuxe Connections Hanging System provides an easy and accurate method to hang ChromaLuxe Connections High-Definition Metal Print collages in any home, office, or gallery space.

Note: Each piece is sold separately.

Icons for connections products in 12 different layout patterns

We Also Offer The Following

  • Table Top Prints

    ChromaLuxe Table Tops allow you to customize furniture with the highest quality images, creating polished end products that look brilliant in both residential and commercial spaces

  • Wood/MDF

    ChromaLuxe Wood/MDF offers the combination of High-Definition image production and durability that’s perfect for a variety of uses.

  • Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic

    ChromaLuxe FRP panels provide a durable, easy to clean surface while still displaying images that are breathtakingly vivid.

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