What Does the Eternal Polar Night by Esther Horvath Look Like on ChromaLuxe?

Science photographer Esther Horvath spent time with the MOSAIC expedition, the greatest polar research expedition ever. The expedition led the participants into the absolute darkness and icy coldness of the eternal polar night to do research on the climate in the central Arctic. Horvath’s powerful images reveal fascinating impressions taken during the one-year journey: the unique Arctic landscape, the many visits of polar bears, but also everyday life on board the Polarstern research vessel.

Esther Horvath on ChromaLuxe Outdoor

A selection of Horvaths’ images are presented in an outdoor exhibition at the Postplatz in Zingst Germany. All images are produced on ChromaLuxe Outdoor Panels allowing them to be used outdoors without additional framing under glass.

“Looking at the images in this open-air exhibition is like wandering through the various phases of the trip” Esther comments. “This expedition was a dream, I am grateful that I was able to photograph this magical setting.”

The open-air exhibition at Postplatz is part of Horizonte Zingst in Germany. Click HERE for more info.