ChromaLuxe is excited to announce our participation with Max Art Productions and Allegiant Stadium, home of the NFL Las Vegas Raiders football team.

Allegiant Stadium is an architectural and engineering marvel. The stadium is home to over 430 curated works of art that tell the history of Las Vegas and the Raiders. The stadium is an art museum, entertainment facility, and football stadium all in one. The art program in the stadium covers over 67,000 square feet of wall space.

For such a large-scale project ChromaLuxe panels were a clear choice to bring the art and stadium to life. ChromaLuxe is the perfect choice for highly trafficked, open-air environments like this one. One of the standout installations is a mosaic of game day programs, involving 461 panels and standing 35 feet tall. ChromaLuxe metallic panels fit together seamlessly to create a vibrant and stunning display of history and art.

“ChromaLuxe has some of the best materials out there for photographic quality prints that can be easily cleaned and stand up to tough environments. The results are stunning,” said Nick Landis, President, Max Art Productions.

ChromaLuxe panels are extremely durable, resistant to scratches, and easily cleaned making them perfect for high-traffic areas like art galleries, museums, and now, a football stadium.

We offer a variety of finishes that reduce the appearance of fingerprints, UV fading, glare, and scratches which makes ChromaLuxe a favorite of artists, galleries, and museums across the country. Our dye sublimation process infuses the image into the coating giving the finished product exceptional color depth and high-definition

Las Vegas and The Raiders

Once art was chosen as the way to tie together Las Vegas and the Raiders, hundreds of artists, including former Raider quarterback Todd Marinovich, were commissioned to create unique pieces to fill the stadium. ChromaLuxe was the best partner for this massive endeavor.

Perfect for the stadium’s exhibitions indoors or outdoors, ChromaLuxe has a variety of custom-formulated multilayer finishes that deliver lasting brilliance. The smooth surfaces are also contaminant and pathogen-resistant, ideal for maintaining hygienic environments in high-traffic areas. No frame or protective glass is needed for the panels. This allows for greater artistic freedom and seamless integration into the installation space.

Read the full press release about ChromaLuxe’s involvement in the Raider’s Allegiant Stadium. Download the brochure to see some of the over 430 pieces of artwork sublimated by Max Art Productions.